Jefferson County Sportsmen's Club
1. A family membership consists of parents and all children under the age of 18 unless full time students until 21
2. Giving the gate code and or the combination to the ranges to non-members will be grounds for revoking your membership.
3. Club members must have their membership card with them and vehicle window stickers clearly visible while on club grounds.
4. Guests must be with a current member in good standing. Members may bring 2 guests for a total of 2 visits per guest.
5. Violations of club rules or regulations by a member, their child / children or guest may be considered cause for revoking their membership and will be reviewed by the board of directors.
6. All children under 18 years of age must be under the supervision of a parent or club member.
7. All wildlife on club property is protected, with exception of club sponsored and managed bow hunts.
8. Excessive drinking and foul language will not be allowed.
9. Anyone destroying club property will be responsible for the cost of the damage and his or her membership may be revoked.
10. Vehicle speed on club property is 10 MPH. Traffic is confined to the roads only, no off road driving.
11. Trashcans are placed all around the club, please use them.
12. Using dumpster for outside trash is a violation of club rules. 
13. Concealed Carry classes are held the third Saturday of each month, any other training must be approved by the Board.
1. Restrooms are located in the indoor archery range and are open 24 hours.
2. Tent camping is allowed in designated camping areas only. You must call the Caretaker for Reservations 502-821-4440 between 9 am and 9 pm.
3. Open fires are not allowed. Fires are allowed in the camping areas only and must be contained in grills or approved fire rings. Fires should be attended at all times.
1. NO swimming, wading or ice skating at any time is allowed.
2.Fishing is allowed in the main lake and the pond to the left of the pistol range. 
3. A Kentucky fishing license IS REQUIRED.
4. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife creel limits apply except large mouth bass have a 15 in limit and there is a 4 catfish per day limit [FLATHEAD CATFISH CANNOT BE TAKEN AND MUST BE RELEASE] or as otherwise posted.
5. Frogging and noodling is not allowed.
6. Boats are allowed on main lake with electric trolling motors only. NO GAS ENGINES ON BOATS ALLOWED.
7. Unused bait is not to be discarded into lake. Fish cleaning isn't allowed on club property.
8. Trot lines or other unattended lines are not allowed. 
9. There is a 2 pole per person limit.
1. Eye and ear protection is REQUIRED on all ranges.
2. Consuming alcoholic beverages before or while shooting is prohibited.
3. Anyone acting or shooting in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave immediately.
4. Range Officers will be responsible and in charge of all ranges.
5. You must become a range officer to use the pistol, 22 Rimfire or black powder range's unsupervised.
6. Members and guests are required to follow all safety rules posted at each range.
7. Hours of operation will be posted at each range.
8. Only clay birds may be shot on the Trap Range. No bottles, cans or plastic jugs.
9. No Deer slugs allowed on any range.
10. Range Officer Identification cards must be worn when shooting on all ranges except the Trap range.
1.  All JCSC rules and regulations that are posted on each of the ranges apply to this range.
2.  Only a .22 Rifle is allowed.  NO MAGNUMs or .17 HMRs allowed.
3.  Prior to entering the new rimfire range, all JCSC members must complete a Rimfire Range Officer written exam and complete a Range Officer's qualification by a Range Chairperson. 
4.  Children under the age of 18, MUST be accompanied by an adult and trained in the handling of firearms.
5.  Range Officer badges must be worn at all time upon entering the range.  (NO BADGE, NO ENTRY) 
6.  Paper targets only.  No metal targets, cans or bottles allowed, except club approved Silhouettes targets.
7.  Muzzles must be pointed downrange at all times.  Empty chamber indicaters must be visible and no one can   handle a firearm while anyone is downrange changing out targets.
8.  Maintenance and JCSC scheduled matches take priority.
9.  Range Chairman and/or JCSC Board members can remove anyone from the range for direct or indirect           violation of range rules.  Violaters will be ask to attend the next month's JCSC Board meeting to discuss priviledges.
1.  Safety is the Number 1 concern of the Board of Directors of the JCSC.  The Range Chairman and/or His/Her assistant along with the JCSC Board have complete control on any disciplinary action of it's members with regards to safety.  If a Range Officer is not present, the range will be closed until a Range Officer can be found.
2.  Violations of safety rules will result in dismissal from the range.
3.  Standard target loads apply.  NO MAGNUM, Bottleneck Cartridges or Shotgun Shells allowed.
4.  Shooters will be responsible for hanging their own targets.
5.  Everyone in the range must wear eye and hearing protection.
6.  All firearms must be UNLOADED before they are brought to the range.  Long guns must be uncased with the action open and placed on the firing line with a empty chamber indicator in place.  All muzzles must be pointed down range.  
7.  No weapons are allowed to be cleaned inside the range while the range is live and open.
8.  No selling, trading or exchanging of re-loaded ammo is allowed on club property.
1.The outdoor range is open anytime for practice.
2. The indoor range hours will be posted and vary according to the time of year.
3. Shoot in a safe manner at all times. Anyone acting or shooting in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave immediately.
4. Bow fishing for carp is allowed.




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